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How Does Laval Real Estate Compare to the Rest of Quebec?

Real estate is booming in Quebec, especially when you get to Montreal. The city outpaced Vancouver and Toronto for the first time in 20 years. Make no mistake, though. Laval is even hotter. Montreal increased its sales by 10 percent, but Laval increased its sales by 20 percent. Laval isn’t just one of the hottest neighbourhoods in the Montreal region. It’s one of the best in all of Quebec. In fact, if you find a house for sale in Laval, you might want to snatch it up while it is still available.

It’s Affordable

There’s a reason people tend to act quickly when they find a house for sale in Laval. It’s affordable. In fact, it’s the most affordable neighbourhood in Montreal, and the average price is also cheaper than you’ll find in Quebec. It’s not just about the price, either. The affordable real estate also offers a greater value than you’ll get in other parts of Quebec. That’s why it makes so sense to buy a house for sale in Laval. You get your money’s worth when you buy here. It’s a sound investment that makes sense for most people.

People Buy Instead of Rent

When you go to many of the big cities, you’ll realize that most people rent. That’s not the case when it comes to Laval, though. People don’t typically come to Laval to look for a house to rent. They look for a house for sale in Laval and then move in. Almost 85 percent of residents in Laval own their homes. When you figure that less than 20 percent of those in Montreal are homeowners, it’s easy to see that Laval is an excellent choice for those who want to settle in for the long haul.

You might wonder why people buy instead of rent. First, when people move here, they typically intend to stay and raise a family. It makes sense to buy. Second, the affordable real estate is hard to pass up.

It’s Perfect for Commuters

If you buy real estate in Quebec or Montreal, you likely expect to live and work in the same area. If you were to buy a house for sale in Laval, though, you would do so in order to commute. Laval is in a prime location to get you anywhere you want to go in Quebec. You can just drive on a major roadway or take public transportation to your destination.

It’s a Little Urban and a Little Country

Most places in Quebec are either country or urban. Laval is a little bit of both. Its rapid growth gives it an urban feel in some areas, but you can still sneak away and enjoy country living. That makes Laval a one-of-a-kind place.

Are You Looking for a House for Sale in Laval?

If you want to buy Laval real estate, check the listings online and then connect with a real estate agent. By using technology and a real estate agent, you will find the perfect home quickly.

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