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Five Ways to Reduce Damage to Your Wood Floor

A beautiful floor can transform your home, but when you’ve invested in a wooden floor you want to know that you can preserve it with the right treatment and protection. Here are some great tips for making your investment last.


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Look at Your Shoes

Black-soled shoes are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to scuffs and damage to hardwood floors. Rubber soles, in particular, are one of the biggest causes of dark-coloured scuffs on both laminate and wood, and high heels can very easily create scratches and dents. Remember to take off your shoes before you go into the home and ask guests to do the same. At the very least, provide sole protectors for events where guests need to keep their shoes off.


Similarly, pets with long claws will easily create a host of scratch marks, so keep them well clipped. This also reduces the amount of grime and dirt brought into the home and keeps your pets happy too.

Furniture Protectors

When chairs and tables are dragged across the floors, they can leave large and very noticeable scratches which are difficult to remove. Again, this is easy to prevent with furniture protector pads.


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Treat the Scuffs

Of course, accidents will always happen on your floors, but the good news is that it is relatively easy to treat minor scrapes. On wooden floors, you can simply sand out and varnish over a scrape. Start with a little kitchen roll and rub the area. If that fails, try a pencil eraser. If scratches are the problem rather than marks, look for wood staining markers which are effective for shallow scraps. For deeper scores try wood finisher. It is often worth hiring a professional to fix damage in one session of work for the best finish.

If your floor is wood-effect laminate, then you can get laminate touch-up kits which can be effective for minor marks, stains and scratches. Engineered flooring from a provider such as can be a good choice for installing in the first place because it tends to be extremely robust and hard-wearing.

Remember to take maintenance and care into consideration when planning your next floor. Factor in your lifestyle and household before making a decision and you will keep your floors looking good for as long as possible.a

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