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4 Bathroom Upgrades For A Sleek And Trendy Bath This 2018

As one of the most commonly used rooms in your home, the bathroom deserves much more love and attention that it usually gets. One cannot deny that baths nowadays are treated more than just a place where we clean and go. It has become a personal haven one can turn to in times of need, and because of that, it only fits to give it the kind of remodelling that has been due for so long.

These are four bathroom upgrades for a sleek and trendy bath this 2018

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

It may seem like a mere luxury to some, but for families with aging members and small children, it is more of a necessity. Shower doors made of frameless glass tend not to have anything that can be stepped over, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. These are made from durable materials and easily maintained while making your shower space look spacious, giving your bath that luxurious look.

Modern Bidets

Bidets nowadays are becoming even more popular, and American homes are welcoming them with open arms. Thanks to the many amazing features that this addition to your bathroom offers, its no wonder why many are switching to bidet seats like the Brondell Swash. Now, you have the power for a more hygienic way of cleaning your tushies while keeping your hands clean and dry. Most have self-cleaning nozzles that clean itself as you go, and lets you choose the kind of temperature you want to wash with. The perks of bidets go on, giving you more reasons to forget about wiping with toilet paper.

LED Lighting

With eco-friendly technologies on the rise, this energy-efficient lighting source lets you enjoy a brighter kind of light without putting a strain on your budget. These are longer-lasting than its incandescent counterparts and are a deal breaker when it comes to its energy use. You get to have a different glow of your choice with an array of LED lighting fixtures that are cooler, brightens instantly and can work even in extreme temperatures.

Bathroom Entertainment

Thanks to man’s never-ending search for innovative ways of making almost everything we do a lot easier and more fun, even bathrooms are given a facelift. Now, we have waterproof and fog-proof televisions that let you watch your favourite shows while relaxing in the tub. You get to play music while taking a steam shower in your home. You even have the option to have a refrigerated drawer to keep your cosmetics cool, and your wine chilled right in your baths.

There are lots of other upgrades one can include in the list like adding greeneries and smart storage in your bath. You have the option to have the trendiest bathroom this year or settle for some of the things you need for your shower. Either way, one cannot deny how beautiful these upgrades are for your home, and what significant impact these can have on your real estate. So, if you plan on renovating your bathroom soon, keep this list in mind, and you’re on your way to a sleek and superb bath this 2018.

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