How to Temporarily Relocate to London without Breaking the Bank

Thousands of people move to London every year, both from overseas and within the UK. London is one of the most exciting, interesting, and unique cities to live in. But it’s also ranked among the most expensive places in the world. With a little planning and budgeting, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Have you made up your mind to temporarily move to London? Well, here are a few tips to help make your stay a successful one:

Use Public Transport

London has an extensive public transportation system. From buses, underground trains, boats, taxis, bikes, and trams, the city has it all. The tube is the most popular option as it’s cost-effective, extensive, and not affected by weather conditions. Get yourself an Oyster Card (a rechargeable pay-as-you-go travel card) and get discounted prices on most public transportation. Another option to consider is biking. It’s free, clean, and makes you healthier. Just remember to wear protective gear and hi-visibility clothing, cycle safely, and learn traffic laws to help you know how to spot potential dangers.

Find Temporary Accommodation

Choosing affordable living arrangements is essential, and location is obviously a key component. Houses in Central London and near Tube stations can be quite costly. On the other hand, living so much farther from the city comes with the inconvenience of hefty transport costs. Use short term lets London to find affordable temporary accommodation, including flats, studios, shared accommodation, and apartments – Visit Draker. For those looking for a cheaper solution, consider house sitting, working for someone in exchange for a room, or looking after a historic property.


Although eating can’t be avoided, there are several ways to cut down food costs. First, avoid eating out or buying packed food; instead, get cheaper food from some of the pocket-friendly supermarkets in London such as Tesco, easyFoodstore, Lidl, and Aldi. Minimise your trips to the supermarket by making weekly meal plans and shopping once a week, or else you’ll be tempted to pick up treats you really don’t need.

Look for Cheaper Entertainment Options

There are several things to do and see in London. While some can be pricey, you are bound to find cheaper or completely free alternatives. For starters, there’s unlimited sightseeing in the city. Be sure to get the London Pass as it gives you access to over 50 most popular attractions in London. You can stroll through some of the free parks, including Crystal Palace Park and Hampstead Heath. There are also several free museums, cheap cinemas like the Prince Charles Cinema, free film festivals happening every year, not to mention some individual might be eligible for discounted theatre tickets.

Cell Phones and Internet Connections

Staying connected to your loved ones can help you feel less lost in a new city. Start by buying a UK pay-as-you-go SIM card or data plan. There’s no shortage of mobile phone providers to select from. Some of the biggest names include Vodafone, Virgin, and O2. Making an international call can, however, be quite costly. Luckily, there are several apps to keep in touch abroad; all you need is a strong internet connection. In London, you can connect free of charge to a Wi-Fi signal pretty much everywhere that’s public, including in cafes, hotels, pubs, and restaurants.

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