Garden Trends that Attract Buyers and Can Make or Break a Sale

The garden area is often one that gets partly overlooked by people selling their primary residence. If you’re already an avid gardener, you will be current with the 2018 gardening trends. However, if you spend far less time tending the plants and mowing the lawn in your garden, then it won’t get as much attention as perhaps it should.

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Here are a few garden trends that increase the attractiveness of a home during a showing and can be the difference between receiving an offer or not.

Outdoor Dining Area

Eating outside surrounded by the subtle floral fragrances makes a meal that bit more pleasant. A proper barbeque setup on the patio lets the person who likes to grill do their thing while the rest of their guests enjoy some good conversation and hopefully a bottle or two of something refreshing.

Decorating the space surrounding the dining table is a good idea. Container plants are often the best idea here because they can be tall enough to provide some cover from the sun where necessary and they’re movable too. While in-ground plants are an option, they don’t allow for relocating the patio furniture to adjust to seasonal changes in the sun’s position. Being able to strategically move the furniture every few months helps keep the heat down when dining outside for lunch.

Herb Planter Window Box

An herb planter box is unusual and most people attending a private showing or an open house won’t expect to see one. It is a wider, slender hanging box with a selection of fresh, aromatic herbs that catch some sun from the window. Adding an herb selection with a notation on the side of the plant box indicating which herb is which is a nice little touch that connects the indoor area to the outdoor space. If the kitchen is at the back of the property and goes out to the patio area, then the box is best placed near there. This way, it’s both attractive and practical at the same time.

Going Vertical

Plants that climb up the walls or use a trellis to cover vertical space are hip and trendy currently. This goes along with the idea of tiny home and smaller, more manageable gardens. As well as providing a decorative feature, a trellis on the edge of the patio can create separation between parts of the patio and the lawn while keeping the green theme. The plants that grow vertically also tend to be far easier to care for than other types.

When looking at a house and considering the purchase, the last thing a potential buyer wants to see is an eye-sore in the garden. However, they also don’t wish to calculate in their head how much time a large garden will need in upkeep or how much hiring a gardener will cost them. A garden can be presented as an attractive feature of the home offering an additional dining area and space to relax, perhaps to read a book. Buyers imagine what living there will feel like and often make large purchasing decisions based on these emotions.

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