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Some of The Things to Do in Paris at Night

Perhaps Paris can only be compared with city’s like Venice, which after dusk looks more dreamlike and photogenic, as compared to daytime. Paris can further boast of having a much diverse nightlife scene. In Paris, not only you can do variety of things free or with little expense but also this city can cater the needs of all ages, styles and interest.

A 20-year student may prefer Berlin or New-York for their clubbing scene, London for world-class theatre and best pubs, but Paris does not have that kind of specialisation. Whether you are looking for a good-glass of wine or a wild club to spend whole night, you will find something for everyone.

Around Landmarks of Paris Take a Moonlit-Stroll

Few films like “Midnight in Paris” or “An American in Paris” suggest, there is something very special and out of world experience that one can get while strolling through the la nuit tombée or Parisian streets.

During warmer months, Seine river banks can be the ideal spot for strolling along those riverbanks. The Cathedral, dramatic facades of Notre-Dame and Illumination at night and spires will most likely leave you astounded.

Few other local favourites during late night are:

  • Marais – Here you can just walk around the medieval-era, narrow passageways and streets and enjoy ambience before you enter into any restaurant or bar for your dinner and drinks
  • Rue Montorgueil district – this place is also perfect for strolling before or after any show at old theatre near Grands Boulevards

Put on Your Dancing-Shoes

If you want to spend your night with Latin or salsa dancing, then you can find few of the city’s most-talented DJs, who will keep the crowd dancing till dawn. Also, if you are looking for any gritty rock bar playing indie-tunes for whole night then the Paris has got it all.

Also, if you want to spend some time in the morning at a good club, then you will find something perfect for all types of late-night revellers. At a first glance, however Paris may not present you any rollicking nightlife scene like Berlin or London, but the city has some good clubs where you can spend your time, whatever may be your choice.

Nibble and Sip in any French Wine Bar

People who may find the scene of traditional restaurant in Paris a pretentious/ intimidating/starchy or all of these, then wine bars will offer a fantastic and laid-back style. You may occupy any table early during evening, as no reservations are needed in the bar and you can settle for any bottle of white or red coupled with charcuterie, cheese or any other nibbles.

See around the Glittering City with Seine River Cruise

A night Seine River cruise is not only romantic and picturesque, but also the best ways of seeing the most iconic monuments of the city after dusk. While looking from dry land, it may not be possible to get all the Paris’s vantage points. Sights which are really worth seeing after dusk are the Pont-des-Arts, the Louvre, the Assemblée Nationale, Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame.

All these monuments are bathed with carefully curated light in order to achieve the magical effects. At the same time, the shimmering play of those lights reflected on water will try to seduce even the most sceptical visitors. If you have a good camera with fairly good low-light setting, your evening photos will be unbeatable.

If you are rather worried about proper dinner either before or after the cruise, then there are arrangements of plenty of dinner with the cruise packages which are offered. Some can be little more formal as compared to others. Hence you must try to get the right package that suits you the best for the occasion and also your budget.

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