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Five Ways to Reduce Damage to Your Wood Floor

A beautiful floor can transform your home, but when you’ve invested in a wooden floor you want to know that you can preserve it with the right treatment and protection. Here are some great tips for making your investment last.


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Look at Your Shoes

Black-soled shoes are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to scuffs and damage to hardwood floors. Rubber soles, in particular, are one of the biggest causes of dark-coloured scuffs on both laminate and wood, and high heels can very easily create scratches and dents. Remember to take off your shoes before you go into the home and ask guests to do the same. At the very least, provide sole protectors for events where guests need to keep their shoes off.


Similarly, pets with long claws will easily create a host of scratch marks, so keep them well clipped. This also reduces the amount of grime and dirt brought into the home and keeps your pets happy too.

Furniture Protectors

When chairs and tables are dragged across the floors, they can leave large and very noticeable scratches which are difficult to remove. Again, this is easy to prevent with furniture protector pads.


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Treat the Scuffs

Of course, accidents will always happen on your floors, but the good news is that it is relatively easy to treat minor scrapes. On wooden floors, you can simply sand out and varnish over a scrape. Start with a little kitchen roll and rub the area. If that fails, try a pencil eraser. If scratches are the problem rather than marks, look for wood staining markers which are effective for shallow scraps. For deeper scores try wood finisher. It is often worth hiring a professional to fix damage in one session of work for the best finish.

If your floor is wood-effect laminate, then you can get laminate touch-up kits which can be effective for minor marks, stains and scratches. Engineered flooring from a provider such as can be a good choice for installing in the first place because it tends to be extremely robust and hard-wearing.

Remember to take maintenance and care into consideration when planning your next floor. Factor in your lifestyle and household before making a decision and you will keep your floors looking good for as long as possible.a

Real Estate

Finding Real Buyers for Houses in Norfolk

If you are a property seller person seeking for  houses buying companies in Norfolk , then you must know when your property is listed, the initial two- three weeks are the busiest period for showings. Later, the activity cools down and levels off to a slower, yet steady pace. Have you ever thought, why so? At the beginning, home shoppers spend a lot of time scouring the listings online, months before buying. They know the homes already available in the market, so the newest listings pull their interest. Also, shoppers actively viewing homes take special interest in properties they have not yet seen in person. Hence, to sell your property fast, the first couple of weeks are crucial.

Make sure that you make your home available to the We buy houses Norfolk companies for showings as much as possible. The more flexibility you provide them for visits, the more opportunities you will have to get offers. For instance, if you block visits on Sundays, you will be missing out on one of the busiest real estate days of the week in Norfolk.

Another important thing is that you will need your whole family’s support once you advertise Sell my property fast. Explain them that as long as the house is up for sale, everyone needs to behave in a manner that they do not really live there. Every member must be vigilant to keep the house clean throughout, as well as sterile-looking, in case a prospective buyer wishes to drop in at a very short notice. Everyone in the family should have the same opinion regarding how the house looks.

Usually, home shoppers would come to view your home while no one is at home. But that is not always possible with last-minute appointments. Therefore, setting a daily routine helps in maintaining a clean and presentable environment. Make regular trips to the back yard to pick up your pet’s waste. Round up your babies and pet toys, beds, etc. and keep them in a box, preferably in a closet out of sight. Keep your fridge, fish tank, shoe rack, bathrooms, cupboards, etc. organized and clean – even while you’re using it every day. Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Make sure toilets are properly flushed and not stinking. An often repeated refrain from home shoppers, which an agent will overhear is, If they are this organized, this house must be in a great shape.


Garden Trends that Attract Buyers and Can Make or Break a Sale

The garden area is often one that gets partly overlooked by people selling their primary residence. If you’re already an avid gardener, you will be current with the 2018 gardening trends. However, if you spend far less time tending the plants and mowing the lawn in your garden, then it won’t get as much attention as perhaps it should.

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Here are a few garden trends that increase the attractiveness of a home during a showing and can be the difference between receiving an offer or not.

Outdoor Dining Area

Eating outside surrounded by the subtle floral fragrances makes a meal that bit more pleasant. A proper barbeque setup on the patio lets the person who likes to grill do their thing while the rest of their guests enjoy some good conversation and hopefully a bottle or two of something refreshing.

Decorating the space surrounding the dining table is a good idea. Container plants are often the best idea here because they can be tall enough to provide some cover from the sun where necessary and they’re movable too. While in-ground plants are an option, they don’t allow for relocating the patio furniture to adjust to seasonal changes in the sun’s position. Being able to strategically move the furniture every few months helps keep the heat down when dining outside for lunch.

Herb Planter Window Box

An herb planter box is unusual and most people attending a private showing or an open house won’t expect to see one. It is a wider, slender hanging box with a selection of fresh, aromatic herbs that catch some sun from the window. Adding an herb selection with a notation on the side of the plant box indicating which herb is which is a nice little touch that connects the indoor area to the outdoor space. If the kitchen is at the back of the property and goes out to the patio area, then the box is best placed near there. This way, it’s both attractive and practical at the same time.

Going Vertical

Plants that climb up the walls or use a trellis to cover vertical space are hip and trendy currently. This goes along with the idea of tiny home and smaller, more manageable gardens. As well as providing a decorative feature, a trellis on the edge of the patio can create separation between parts of the patio and the lawn while keeping the green theme. The plants that grow vertically also tend to be far easier to care for than other types.

When looking at a house and considering the purchase, the last thing a potential buyer wants to see is an eye-sore in the garden. However, they also don’t wish to calculate in their head how much time a large garden will need in upkeep or how much hiring a gardener will cost them. A garden can be presented as an attractive feature of the home offering an additional dining area and space to relax, perhaps to read a book. Buyers imagine what living there will feel like and often make large purchasing decisions based on these emotions.